I’ve Saved 1000’s By Buying Books Using This Simple Strategy

Picture is a book laying open
Books are expensive, but what if I told you there is a way to save a lot of money on books. Just this week I bought a book that was a whopping 63% off.

I enjoy reading books. I always have a long list of books that I plan on buying and every now and then I do buy a book.

If it is a book I really really want, I will buy the physical book. If it’s a book I just want to read but don’t necessarily want the physical book I buy the eBook.

By buying the eBook, I still “own” the book. I can read it. I can make notes in it and I can even highlight in it. The only real difference? I don’t have the actual physical book.

Now, I buy my eBooks on Amazon to read on my iPad. I have the Kindle App on my iPad, so when I buy the book it gets delivered to my iPad.

But how do I save all this money? Let me explain.

On the Amazon website, every time I see a book that I want, I add the book to a list. Basically a wish list. My list is actually called “Wish list books”.

A list of books I’ve read in 2021 so far

I keep the books in this list and every now and then I revisit the list. The cool thing when I revisit the list is that a lot of the time, the price of the books have dropped since the time I first added them to the list.

Some prices stay the same. Some prices drop a little like 3% or 6%. But now and then, and if you keep checking the list you will find prices that drop a lot. Like the latest book I bought dropped 63%. 63%!! That’s a huge saving!!

The thing is though, when a book has dropped by a huge percentage like this, you need to act quick. The prices change. It’s not always going to stay this price.

I have had it in the past that a price dropped a lot but I left it for another day. When I went back some days later, the price had gone up again and the saving wouldn’t have been as much.

It’s honestly as simple as that. Create a wish list on Amazon and visit the list now and then. When the price drops enough for you buy the book.

So me it’s been done purely with eBooks but perhaps this works with physical books too.

I’ve honestly saved thousands by buying books like this and if it works for me I’m sure it will work for you too!!