Why I have to stop sharing links to Amazon…

Smart phone with Amazon logo on a white screen
Over the last few months I’ve tried to make some extra money through affiliate marketing by sharing ads to Amazon. This week I got an email I have been dreading and I now sadly need to stop.

Affiliate marketing, I’m sure it’s something you’ve heard of before…

Affiliate marketing is basically where you “partner” with a company and share links to their website or to their products and if someone buys as a result of your link, you will receive a small commission or a very small percentage of the sale.

There are a bunch of companies around the world that you can join or sign up to be an affiliate and try earn some extra money. I tried this with a few companies and businesses and one of them was Amazon.

The thing with Amazon is that the purchase needs to be done within 24 hours or else it doesn’t count and if someone ends up buying 3 days later, no commission for you.

Amazon also told me (and I’m sure they tell all their affiliates) that you have 180 days to get 3 sales otherwise your affiliate partnership with them may come to an end.

So I hit my 180 days but I didn’t get sales so… goodbye Amazon affiliate.

This isn’t a big surprise, my website is not extremely popular and I don’t get thousands of visits so yeah, clicks from links on my website would be minimal.

I did however drive a lot of traffic to Amazon a few times by running Facebook Ads with links to a product but unfortunately nobody bought as a result and if they did they didn’t buy within 24 hours.

But this is more of a goodbye for now. Amazon did say that I can reapply at a later stage so that’s cool. So for now, I’m going to stop sharing links to Amazon products or pages. (But the links that are already on my website and blog posts will stay because I’m too lazy to remove them).