Investing – Receiving Dividend Payments For The First Time Ever

I’d heard about dividends, I’d read up about them too but I had never received a dividend payment until today…

As far as investing goes I am a newbie. At the end of last year I decided to give this whole investing thing a try.

I put some money into Bitcoin but I didn’t necessarily want to put all my eggs in one basket so I decided to start investing in some shares too.

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Investing in shares had been an idea I had been playing around with for some time. I had looked around at brokers and even banks that offer share investing but after looking at the costs or the fees involved it didn’t feel like the right fit.

It wasn’t until I was fully committed to investing that I finally found a platform that felt like a good fit to me. The minimum investment amounts were a perfect way to start and to get a feel for investing. The fees involved in buying and selling shares are fantastic too, so I decided, “Why not?”.

That is when my journey with Easy Equities began…

If you plan on starting your investment journey with Easy Equities please join by using this link – Join Easy Equities Today. If you join with this link, Easy Equities will send you a small gift to start your investment journey right away. I will then also receive s small gift of EasyMoney which I can use towards broker commission when I invest in shares.

I put in some money in November and I’ve added more each month since. It is an easy website to understand. Finding companies is simple and buying and selling shares can literally be done by clicking a button and entering the amount you want to invest.

Over the last few months I’ve bought shares in a few different companies. Some I have since sold. But some I have held onto for some time and thanks to that, I woke up this morning to find that I had been paid dividends on two different companies.

That was an awesome feeling. No matter the fact that they have increased in value over time but the fact that you get paid something extra by owning the shares at the time that they pay dividends.

If anything, this has inspired me more. It has motivated me more. I want to invest more…

To be honest, the only regret I have around investing so far is that I didn’t start investing sooner.

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