What Instagram Account is Best For Me?

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Should you use a Personal, Creator or Business Instagram Account?

Personally and even before getting into any reasons I think you should use a Business Instagram Account. If the account is used for business purposes then I 100% believe that a Business Account must be used.

The question about what kind of account to use is something I often come across. For me I would simply put it like this. If you are using your account only for personal stuff and if you don’t care about growing your account or getting more likes then stick to a personal account.

If however you want access to insights and data about your followers, your reach, if you want to run ads and anything along these lines you should consider one of the other account types – Business or Creator.

Now I could go on an explain the pros and cons about each one but I came across an awesome article that does just that, so I would recommend you reading this article – Instagram Account Types: Which Is Right for You—Personal, Creator, or Business? (By Social Media Examiner)

I think that article will help answer your questions better than I probably could.

Just something I want to mention… if you have a business and if you create a Business Account for you to use for your business, please, please, please don’t make it a private account. Why on earth would you do that!! Please don’t.

Also, if you created a personal account and would like to change it to a business or a creator account and vice versa you can change it within Instagram with a few simple steps. If you can’t figure out the steps feel free to DM on instagram or send me an email and I’ll help you out with that.