Business Coaching… how is it different to Consulting or Advising?

The other day I was out at a meeting with someone and during the meeting I mentioned that business coaching is different to consulting and advising. They were quite surprised to hear this and they were very interested in finding out the difference...

Their reaction made me realize that many people might not know the difference between coaching and consulting or between coaching and advising.

In the next few paragraphs, my goal is to explain the difference between them and to help you understand the difference.

Knowing the difference can also help you choose what would be right for you or for your business! Maybe you thought a consultant would be the best for you but you may actually work better with a coach.

I must start off by saying that coaching is similar to consulting, but similar does not mean the same!

Consulting and advising is much more about giving solutions to the issues or to the problems that the client has. Coaching is different in the sense that as coaches we don’t give you the answers… 

We don’t give you the solutions to the issues that you bring to a coaching session but through coaching conversations and through questions that we ask you, we help you to identify the answers and the solutions for yourself.

As coaches we believe that the answers are very often within you and we try and help you to discover those answers through coaching. 

We also believe that helping someone discover the solution for themselves is much more powerful than giving them the solution or telling them what to do. The reason for this is because people are much more likely to implement things that they have thought up for themselves than if they were told what they need to do. 

At times and if requested as a coach I can move into a different capacity whether it’s Advising or Consulting and to be more active or directive in providing you with Solutions. This will only be done if requested by you and if I’m comfortable to help you in those situations. 

If we do go forward in a different capacity than pure coaching, we will re-contract and make sure that we understand that we’ve are moving out of a coaching relationship and more into a Consulting or Advisory role.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching or if you would like to see if I would be the right coach for you or for your business send me an email at