Goodbye Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is apparently removing Likes from Facebook Pages, but what exactly does this mean?

I’d heard this change and update was coming to Facebook and today I saw yet another article about it.

If you use Facebook you know that when you visit a Business Page (not a personal profile), you have the option to “Like” the Page. By “liking” the Page, you will then be able to see some of the Pages content on your timeline similar to the way you see posts from your friends.

Now this is where the change comes in. Facebook is removing this option. The option to Like a page will no longer be there but you will still be able to “Follow” a Page.

This was something I always personally found a little confusing especially as an Admin on Facebook Pages. I would see that a Page has X number of Followers and Y number of Page Likes. Why have this difference in the first place and was there actually a difference?

At least now this should be sorted out. You will no longer have the option to Follow or to Like. From now on you will only have the option to Follow.