The Reason I Hate Fridays

I think lots of small business owners and entrepreneurs will actually agree with me.

By the time Friday comes around after a full week of work, just about everyone is thinking about the weekend unless they work on weekends.

And there is nothing wrong with this, by the time Friday comes around I’m also thinking about the weekend. In fact I love the weekend. I get to sleep late, I have time to watch movies and tv series and I get to switch off my work brain (or at least a part of it).

But this post isn’t about weekends, it’s about Friday. There are so many reasons why I actually like Fridays but there is a very big reason why I hate Fridays.

Fridays are bad days to try grow your business

This is of course just my opinion and I’m not saying it is the case but it’s what I think.

This is how I see it – If someone reaches out to me on a Friday, promoting their business, their products or their services, they have little to no chance of landing me as a client.

Why? Well because on a Friday I’m already half into the weekend and I’m not really thinking much about spending money on someone’s business or buying their products.

I feel this way and I assume most people feel this way too on a Friday. Because of this, as a small business owner and as an entrepreneur, it’s a bad day for me to try grow my business and to try promote my products and services.

I often find myself having some extra time on a Friday, time that could be used to reach out to people and to businesses in an effort to grow my business but it just doesn’t feel like it would be effective.

This and this alone makes me hate Fridays.