A Simple Trick for Reading Locked and Member Only Articles Online for FREE!

Have you ever come across an article online that you want to read. You open it and after just a few sentences in, you find out that you can’t read the full article because you aren’t a member or something stupid like that.

Well, it happens to me all the time and it happened to me yesterday so I decided to share a way around this when it happens to you.

Now I must say this isn’t going work every single time, but it’s worth giving it a try. If it works, GREAT, you get to read the article for free and without becoming a member. If it doesn’t work, oh well… all you lose is a couple of minutes by trying this technique.

Let me give you the real example I can across yesterday…

I wanted to read this article:

5 Types of Content You Should Create to Grow a High-End Coaching Business

And a few sentences in, NO!! This is a member only blah blah just $5 blah blah. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

But with my little “trick” and literally a minute later I got to read this full article for free!!!

And the best part of this, IT’S 100% LEGAL!!

So what did I do? Well I simply copied the heading of this “locked” article. (I did it by highlighting it but if you prefer you can just type it out again – highlighting and copying it is faster though!!)

I then open my search engine (for no specific reason I’m using bing but this will work on any search engine so even Google is good – actually I think I must start using google.

Then paste the copied text and hit search…


I know right, this is AWESOME!!

I obviously skipped the very first search result here because that’s the “locked version” but I opened up the second search result and there…

The exact same article that I could now read for free and without being a member!!!!

And that’s it.

Next time you come across a locked article that you need to pay for or that you need to be a member to read try this COPY, PASTE, SEARCH trick.

But remember, it’s not going to work 100% of the time. I have found articles before where this didn’t work. But I lost a minute or 2 and they lost a reader for their article. But when it does it is awesome!!!!!

Really hope this helps!